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The thoughts of Lizel Cramer, your host and wildlife tutor

I have been training field guides for SA game farms and lodges for the past six years, and worked with lodges and guests alike who would really like to learn more about our vast bushveld than the average tourist to our country.

I have been frequently asked for programmes and courses by visitors from other countries. A few have joined the normal game ranger course, aimed at people who want to make a career of game ranging. Unfortunately the pace for most visitors was just too fast, too tough and not what they expected at all. I finally decided to put together a programme which, I think, has some fun and excitement, good accommodation, good food and more outings.

The proper ranger courses are held at a training centre and involves a lot of theory work and studying. If you have joined one of our programmes and you still wish to do the genuine course, you now will at least have a basic foundation to fall back on.

We’ve had excellent results so far and have been able to adapt our course to specific groups, couples and individuals who have different needs. This ranges from visitors who are interested in buying a game farm and need to know the basics of buying, owning and running a farm, to visitors who are considering a career in game ranging and visitors who just want to have a great time while actually learning about the bush and taking home a certificate.

Many tourists having come to SA more than once and have visited many game lodges and game reserves, have been asked if they can remember any of the facts told to them by rangers on game drives, their answers are " I cannot remember"

I would like visitors to experience the amazing and wonderful things that happen to plants and animals around them. I found that the only way to do this is by gaining knowledge, something that lasts. I also do not deem it necessary to sleep out under the stars, get drenched by rain and scorched by the sun and live off the bush for a month to get the “real feel of Africa” and then look like a survivor on the “Survivor” reality TV show series. (Although, if you want to this it can be arranged!!)
Therefore I am your guide and tutor and look forward to open the book of bushveld secrets for you
If you have any requests or other reasons for doing a course, feel free to forward them to me. Concerning dates, you may forward a couple of specific dates that might suit you and I will choose an appropriate date according to my availibility and also the lodges where you are to stay.

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